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Our motto is to provide the best professional legal services to all of our clients without discrimination. We take your worries very seriously and from the moment you hire us for consultation, we try our best to get the job done right.

Child Custody

Please contact us for quality representation in all aspects of child custody, meeting rights and child supports.

Trial in custody dispute cases. Mediation is a special service that parents may use when the assistance provided within other divorce services has proved to be insufficient..

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Applying for Asylum

Asylum laws differ from country to country. Moreover, the application process itself is intimidating, stressful and complex. At Ekpa & Co Oy you will be represented by a team of expert immigration lawyers and specialists specializing in asylum processes and human rights claims. It is vital to seek professional help in asylum seeking matters as related laws and regulations are incredibly complex and daunting. We are capable of walking the tight rope in determining if your human rights are at risk.

We provide insights and knowledge of your rights and protections and pertinent legal advice for processing your application for asylum. Since asylum law is fundamentally governed by top level discretion and various International Agreements we deploy strategic objectives to deliver clear, solid, creative and customized solutions for specific asylum needs.

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Criminal Case

We understand that nobody is perfect but in the case that you found yourself facing any criminal charges of any magnitude, we will be there for you to make sure you have effective representation as provided by law.

Crime in the event of human and material, suffering are inevitable. For the crime victims, our associates criminal lawyers have years of experience in handling complex cases. We will make sure you have access to use all legal remedies available in whatever situation. Criminal trial

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Global Immigration

The legal system is constantly evolving. New immigration laws and rules are being added every day. The immigration policies of different countries are changed very often. It is integral for immigration lawyers and advisors to keep themselves constantly updated with the amendments and changes occurring to the immigration acts of different countries.

This will help them to advise their clients accordingly. So don’ worry, our team of experts are always on top of it and are more than experienced to aid and advice all potential clients in most ideal way to immigrate.

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Resident Permit

Whether you’re heading off fulfill your dreams of backpacking adventures abroad; traveling for business purposes; performing in a concert/gig overseas; or if you and your family are migrating to a foreign country permanently; we make getting the visa you need fast and stress-free.

Visas applications are complicated and can be very overwhelming to many people. As visa and migration specialists with over 5 years experience in the industry Simon Ekpa Oy ensures every detail of your application is lodged in the correct and proper format with the appropriate embassy.

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