Our Promises

Our 6 unbreakable promises

1. Honesty

From the outset we will give you fair and honest immigration advice about the strengths and weaknesses of your case. We will honestly advise you as to what documents you need to obtain in order to improve your chances of immigration success. We will not give you a false impression so as to get you to sign up for our immigration services. All our advice will be in writing, so you can check the accuracy of it later.

2. Fair Pricing

Let us be clear, we are a firm that charges for services and at the same time we do provide legal aid services through our associates for our low income clients. We believe the best way to make our firm successful is to provide outstanding legal services to immigration clients for fair prices. We are not the cheapest immigration firm, but we believe that quality service should take time, care and energy. You are free to choose our services or not, but please remember, if your case is lost due to poor representation from another firm, whatever you did pay will have been wasted.

The price you are quoted will be a fair reflection of the work that we will put into your immigration case. The price will not change unless we discuss it with you first. There will be no surprises with price once you sign on as an immigration client. We do, however, require timely payment of our fees when requested.

3. Leading Expertise

Immigration law changes rapidly and immigration lawyers and experts need not only to keep up to date but to also make sure that their immigration clients are fully informed of the latest developments. Our case work teams are headed by lawyers experts with at least 10 years experience in all levels of immigration law. Amongst our staff are immigration experts who provide training to other public services or organization.

4. Delivery

Immigration clients already face enough stress and worry about having to deal with an uncertain future and an often unsympathetic Immigration Service. We aim to relieve those worries by giving you a firm timetable for completion of work on your case. We deliver on time, 100% of the time, without exception.

5. Hard Work and Effort

We believe that immigration cases are won and lost on effort. We aim to win cases through careful effort and focused energy. We treat cases as individuals and you can be guaranteed that all work undertaken and charged on your immigration matter will be work prepared specifically for your case, not similar cases that we have worked on in the past.

6. Confidentiality and Discretion

Immigration clients are rightly concerned about the information they provide their representatives. Immigration applications require sensitive information to be provided. We guarantee that we will keep all information provided confidential and secure. Further, we promise to ensure that all information that is sent out by us is checked by you first.

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