Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?

Ekpa & Co Oy is a prominent law firm specializing primarily in immigration laws. Additionally we also provide expert translation and consultation services in other legal areas as well.

Where are you located?

Our offices are based in Lahti Finland

Location is not as important as the quality of the legal advice you are given. It is better to pick a good lawyer and advisors living far away rather than making with bad one living across from you. You should be aware that a very good law firm has the necessary policies and experience to remotely handle your case either based on a primary visit or no visit at all. There are many law firms that conduct businesses solely through phone and email. However, if low budget is your priority it is better to hire a local lawyer and, or, experts.

Can you give us a brief idea of the kind of services you offer?

We primarily offer legal advice pertaining to the immigration to Finland/EU. Additionally we also provide expert services in the following areas as well: Criminal case, family and child rights, litigation, translation services and other legal consultations. We are proud to say that we have some really reputed criminal lawyers and immigration lawyers as our partners.

What makes you better than the other law firms around?

Good question!

Firstly, we are extremely good at what we do.

What is our proof for that?

Our clients of course!!

We have never lost a client. All of them come back to us again and again. Over the years our colorful portfolio has grown to include a long line of satisfied clients who have approached us for consultation. We are as immensely proud of them as they are of us.

Secondly, we have never a lost a case due to shoddy work.

We are very sincere in our work. We firmly believe that every individual has a right to justice and we try our best to get it for them. This honesty is very evident in our research and our representation. This is reason why we have never lost a case due to shoddy work. At least not if we can help it.

Thirdly, we are not looking for a good sales pitch with our work. We truly care for our clients and are concerned about what happens to them. We never settle for the middle ground when it comes to our clients. We also never compromise on our integrity or our high standards just to make money. We do not overcharge our clients and neither do we unnecessarily exhort money from them. We hold the money in our client’s account for all our private clients. We also provide customer care to our clients.

Fourthly, our immigration officers/experts have considerable experience handling all the cases brought to us by our clients. Moreover, they are more than capable to assist them in preparing applications and appeals. We can also represent our clients for immigration interviews, courts and tribunals.

What are your consultation fees?

We fix a fee for our services based on the complexity of the cases brought to us by our clients. Based on the kind of service you require, we out rightly provide you with a fee quote during the consultation session itself. Once fixed it is irrevocable. However we are not open for negotiation. We fix a price and you are required to pay. But rest assured that we are not overpriced. Our wages are fair and affordable. We are very flexible with time of payment. You don’t have to pay us a dime till your problems are satisfactorily solved. If you are eligible for legal aid, our services are at your disposal for free.

Do I get a free consultation?

We believe no legal advice come free. If a law firm is offering you free consultation, it is most likely more of a sales pitch rather than legal advice. A good legal consultation progresses in the following stages: 30 minutes of taking your immigration history after which your legal officer will provide you with sound legal advice to your problems based on his vast experience. He will provide a detailed appraisal of your case including its strengths, its weaknesses, and your prospects of moving your case forward. At the end they should be able to give you a fixed fee amount. In short, after a legal consultation, you will be aware of the nature of your case, your options, your prospects of success, the time frame of completion and the cost for completion. If the ‘free’ consultation that you are getting is missing any of these points, it is just a sales pitch. If you are eligible for legal aid, our services are at your disposal for free.

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