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Representation of individuals with a high net worth

Are you an individual with assets between 500 000,00 (5 hundred thousands) to 1 million Euros and above and looking to immigrate? At Ekpa & Co we have a great deal of experience and services that we can offer you to make your immigration smooth and effortless. Legal immigration cases for individuals with high net worth is extremely sensitive and requires extreme, dexterity, discretion and experience. Moreover, we understand that time is a precious commodity to many of you and you may have to travel at very short notice. In these cases it is integral that your immigration applications be processed within a shorter time frame. Since Ekpa & Co is a law firm that aims at putting our clients first, we have special provisions and services that can help you fit your immigration process with your travel plan. We even provide a home service option if you are too busy to come to us. Our officers will be more than happy to come to your homes and discuss your case with you in detail. We promise to handle your case with minimal time wastage and utmost discretion.

In addition to the basic privileges we also provide you with the following services:

  1. Applications for starting up private enterprises
  2. Applications for hiring domestic help, this can include au pair for third country nationals
  3. Applications for business travels
  4. Other services such as providing recommendations to other companies that can help you with other business investments.


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