We offer you more than just
a typical law firm

About us

Ekpa & Co Oy is a prominent law firm specializing primarily in immigration laws. We also provide expert translation and consultation services in other legal areas as well.

Our offices are based in Lahti Finland. We primarily offer legal advice pertaining to the immigration to Finland/EU. Additionally we also provide expert services in the following areas as well: Criminal case, family and child rights, litigation, translation services and other legal consultations. We are proud to say that we have some really reputed criminal lawyers and immigration lawyers as our partners.

Our Beliefs and Core Values

  • Ekpa & Co aims to endorse the law to the last dot
  • We have set our bars of success really high.
  • All of your legal problems are safe in our hands.
  • We uphold the integrity of the legal profession.
  • We deal with all our clients with absolute honesty, professional etiquette and courteousness.
  • So don’t hesitate to consult us with your legal problem.