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Our privacy policy

We value your privacy very much. Therefore we have a very strict confidentiality and privacy policy at Ekpa & Co Oy on how we handle sensitive and personal information. Here is a quick glance at the strict guidelines we follow to ensure the privacy and the security of any information that you may pass on to us.

  1. We will never share any of your personal data to a third part without your consent, irrespective of whether you hire us or not.
  2. Much of our day to day correspondence with you will be done by e-mail. Therefore this is an information that we will require from you. However we promise you that we will not pass on your e-mail to any other outside parties including other immigration lawyers without your permission.
  3. In the event of handing over your personal documents during the course of the case proceedings to government bodies such as the Finnish immigration Services and other immigration services, we will always approach you for permission before we make a move.
  4. We will not unnecessarily retain your information even after your case is closed. We do use cookies such as Google analytics for performance surveys. However these can be easily turned off from your browser.
  5. Our system is updated with all the latest anti-viral soft wares and in no way will we ever pass on any virus contaminated download material to your browser.

WARNING!! Copying any material from this website is strictly prohibited and necessary legal actions will be taken if you do so.

NOTE: All of our privacy policies are subject to change without prior notice.