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Ekpa & Co Oy are Professionals driven by passion

Our promises to you


We are very honest in our dealings with clients. We would never compromise on our integrity just to make a few extra bucks. From the moment you approach us with a problem we promise to give it our most sincere attention. We will definitely give you an honest opinion about your case at the inception and will advise you on what documents to get ready to ensure a successful immigration. We will also advise you on the strengths and the weaknesses of your case and how we can work around it to obtain the best results. We do not coerce you into choosing us by making false promises. In fact, we make it point to validate all of our consultation by indelibly putting it in ink so that you can get back to us if you feel that we reneged on what we originally promised.

The legal system is constantly evolving. New immigration laws and rules are being added every day. It is integral for immigration lawyers to keep themselves constantly updated with the amendments and changes occurring in the immigration acts of different countries. This will help them to advise their clients accordingly. Our immigration team comprises of outstanding lawyers who have over 10 years of experience in all matters pertaining to the immigration laws in Finland.

Service delivery

We acknowledge that immigrating to another country is not an easy thing. It is mentally, physically and emotionally quite draining. Let alone having to get through numerous legal technicalities. If you live in a county like Finland, where we have stringent policies for immigration it can be quite a headache to constantly follow-up. At Ekpa & Co Oy, we aim to relive you of all those stressful moments by taking care of all the legal matters for you. We are so systematic and sincere in our work that the only thing that you would have to worry about is the color of the duvet you are going to take with you when you move. Your legal matters are safe in our hands. We follow-through with a specific time-plan and always make sure we deliver on time.

A case’s outcome is determined by the quality and the amount of prep- work done. In this we are extremely committed in ensuring that we leave no stone unturned. You can be assured that you will never lose a case due to procrastination or lack of preparation from our side. We believe in expending our energy and time resourcefully to ensure that you are provided with the best service possible. To us, each case that comes to us is a personal battle. Each and every one of our clients are unique and so we strive to make sure that they get their money’s worth when they come to us. We prepare our protocols on a case to case basis to fit their individual needs rather than trying to fit their case into one-fits all solution.

Confidentiality and discretion

There is a saying that you should never lie to your lawyer or your doctor. If this is true, then as your immigration lawyers and experts we have a great responsibility to ensure that whatever you tell us under the oath of confidentiality remains that way. We acknowledge that the immigration process requires the exchange of many private information. Since you place such a great trust in us, we promise you that we will never leak out any of your personal data to a third party. Additionally we also promise not to transfer or release any personal data required in the course of case proceedings unless you give us the green light to do so.


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