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How does the inquiry form work?

Directly above photograph of an application for a visa.We are always available to you by phone or email. However, if due to some emergency, you wish to contact us outside of our office hours, you can contact us using the inquiry form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

In addition to being able to avail our services outside of office hours, the inquiry form is also a medium by which you can present your case. This way by the time we get back to you, we would already have a plan and an immigration officer picked out for you.

At Ekpa & Co we strive to provide you with the best legal services possible. As a part of that commitment, we provide our clients with an urgent same day or home office services, wherein we process all your paper work on the same day you hire us. With this process, our legal officers can prepare and submit cases on your behalf to the immigration office, administrative court, highest administrative, district court as the case may be, or to the police as per the case demands. However, unlike the other law firms, you cannot sign up with us unless we have obtained your name slot. The following are some of the applications we can make for you in this area:

  1.     Applications to the Finnish immigration services requesting stay extensions or switching residences to another class.
  2.   Preparation of a registration certificate for EEA (European Economic Area) nationals.
  3. Any other applications mentioned in the Finnish immigration service list. We can also help with applications that are not on the list as well.

Holiday service

Due to certain unavoidable emergencies, you may sometimes have the need to get in touch with us during the holidays. At Ekpa & Con Oy we have specialized services specifically designed to meet your legal needs over the holidays. So how does this work?

We have a Secure Form (click on the link below or on the right hand corner of the page) which you can fill out with your inquires and submit.

Once your completed entry form reaches us will try get back to you during the holidays or the start of the next working day as per your preference.

However, please note that the services we can provide you over the holidays is very limited. If you want to give us any specific directives regarding your case or want to attach additional documentation, it is better to respond to us by email. Our email ID is info@ekpa.fi. We will commence the working on the case depending on its urgency. It may be necessary to begin working on the case right away.

However, by sending in your inquires, you can take the load off your shoulder with the assurance that your case has been read, accepted and prep-work on it has commenced over the holidays. This will reduce the stress when the actual work begins.


Weekend service

If you have any emergency legal issues that you need help with over the weekend, Ekpa & Co offers you a supplementary weekend duty legal services that you can avail. All you have to do is send us an inquiry via our Secure Form and we will intercept it and get back to you depending on your preference and the urgency of the situation. For sending us more detailed instructions for the case or for the attachment of additional files, please use the e-mail as the means of correspondence.

Please note that we are not at the liberty to answer any direct call over the weekend, even though we take up your appointments via our duty legal service protocol. Do use the inquiry form over the weekend to get in touch and someone will definitely call you back.

Even if your work does not require immediate attention till Monday, you can rest easy over the weekend with the confidence that you have placed your case in safe hands.

We make your life easier by providing all the Residence permit application forms for you here. But we will help you fill and submit your applications with hassle free. use our contact us link to tell us what services you want us to do for you

  1. Family ties
    1. Residence permit application for the spouse of a foreigner resident in finland, OLE_PH1
    2. Residence permit application for the spouse of a Finnish citizen, OLE_PH2
    3. Residence permit application for a guardian with a child in Finland, OLE_PH3
    4. Residence permit for adoption, OLE_ADO
    5. Residence permit application for child, OLE_PH4
    6. Residence permit application for other family member, OLE_PH5
  2. Work Permit and other linked applications
    1. Residence permit application for self-employment, OLE_EHA
    2. Residence permit application for employment , OLE_TY1
    3. Residence permit application for person employed as a special expert, OLE_TY2
    4. Residence permit application for internship, OLE_TY3
    5. Residence permit application for sports or coaching, OLE_TY4
  3. Researchers
    1. Residence permit application for scientific research, OLE_TUT
  4. Studying
    1. Residence permit application for study , OLE_OPI
  5. Au pair
    1. Residence permit application for au pair status, OLE_AUP
  6. Returnees
    1. Residence permit application for former finnish citizens, OLE_EN
    2. Residence permit application for remigration, OLE_IN
    3. Extension application; fixed-term residence permit on a continuous basis, OLE_JATKO_A
    4. Request for a certificate from the Finnish Immigration Service for an Ingrian-Finnish returnee for getting a place to live , TOD_P_IN
  7. Other grounds
    1. Finnish residence permit application, other grounds, OLE_MUU
  8. Extension of a residence permit
    1. Permanent residence permit application, OLE_P_PEU
    2. Extended permit application; residence permit on the basis of family ties, OLE_JATKO_PS
    3. Extension application; fixed-term residence permit on a continuous basis, OLE_JATKO_A
  9. A residence permit card
    1. Application form for a residence permit card, OLE_KORTTI
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