Our promises to you


We maintain a very strict privacy policy. No information or documents that are provided by our clients will be disclosed under any circumstances to a third party without the consent of our clients.

Expert advice

All of our immigration lawyers have many years of experience in all aspects of immigration law and always keep themselves updated on all the changes occurring in the legal system. This helps them provide quality service to all of their clients. Additionally, many of them also serve in the advisory capacity in many public organizations.


We maintain a transparency policy in all our dealings with our clients. We always perform our work with the utmost sincerity and integrity. As soon as you sit down with us for a consultation we provide you with an honest appraisal of all the aspects of the case such as the strengths and weaknesses of your case, the documents you need to obtain and your future prospects. We will never try to entice you with false impressions. All of our advices will be given to you in print to avoid ambiguity later

Acceptable Prices

We provide free legal services to clients who are eligible for legal aid. However, for all of our other clients, we do charge a certain amount as a fee. The fee structure is variable depending on the case. However, we are not overpriced. We only charge you a fair amount in exchange for our services. The fee is usually fixed when you sit for a consultation with us. And once it is put in print, usually 24 hours after the consultation, it will not be changed.

Timely Delivery

We provide our clients with a fixed timetable at the time of our consultation and as far as possible we try to stick to our stated deadlines. We tell you outright if we can handle your case or not. Once accepted, we try to move the case forward at the shortest time, without taking you around and around needlessly on a wild goose chase.


We believe that immigration cases are won and lost in the effort that is put in. With us, you will never lose a case because of our tardiness. We study all the cases on our table individually and try to provide a solution that best fits the nature of the problem.

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